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Performing Arts

Let’s Talk: Voiceover takes a look at everything voiceover and voice acting, hosted by talent director Randy Ryan and voice actor Brian Talbot.


Sometimes you're having so much fun that a podcast pops out. That is what happened when we talked with Misty Lee. Misty is an awesome voice actor who is also an awesome magician. Yup. Really. As a lifelong performer, Misty talks honestly about the privilege of being a voice actor. And with a track record of success that includes Ultimate Spider-Man, Grand Theft Auto V, The Last of Us, Star Wars Battlefront, Disney Infinity, and more, Misty helps to remind us all how wonderful and magical this business really is. Invest your time to listen to Episode 33 and you'll walk away with a smile and incredibly valuable advice that's hard to find anywhere. 

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Kristin Lennox is a working actress. That says a lot. She doesn't live on either coast. Instead, she hustles her career from the middle of the country, and has been for over two decades. A lot of people want to be a voice actor. Kristin provides insight into what it takes for anyone willing to put in the work from right where they are.

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Erin Fitzgerald shares her thoughts about acting, characters, and how to learn to appreciate the lull. With a ridiculous body of work to draw from over the last 25 years, she offers valuable advice for acting in cartoons, video games, anime and stage. SO much fun to talk with, Erin lights up Episode 24. Don't miss it!  

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How do you leave a high flying job in Silicon Valley to go into voice acting? Cissy Jones talks about her journey on Episode 16 of Let's Talk Voiceover. She talks about how she left a well established career to build a voice acting business. And, with BAFTA award in hand for her performance in the 2017 Indie videogame FIREWATCH, and an Academy award nominated documentary narration, she has demonstrated why she is sought after for video games, commercials and animation and so much more. It's an inspiring, yet practical conversation with Cissy Jones. 

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Why are there so many dudes in audio? Jacquie Sladeck, Head of Studio for SIDE LA gives her thoughts on that. In Episode 010, we also talk about moving from recording studios to game studios and back to recording studios; working for entertainment companies headquartered outside of the U.S. and the cultural adjustments necessary; and Jacquie gives her insights into how you can build your voice acting business without being annoying. You'll want to hear this!

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