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Performing Arts

Let’s Talk: Voiceover takes a look at everything voiceover and voice acting, hosted by talent director Randy Ryan and voice actor Brian Talbot.


In Episode 29, we have a blast talking with voice actor Christopher Corey Smith. If you don't remember Christopher as “third guy from the left who screams when he blows up,” you may recognize him as Luke Skywalker in “Phineas and Ferb Star Wars”, The Joker in the Lego Batman games and movie, doubling for wrestlers in WWE Smash City, one of many “Digimon” voices, or other titles you might know include Hearthstone, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat vs DC, World of Warcraft and literally over a hundred other games. Tons of TV voice acting credits as well, including Ingress, Hero Mask and Marvel Future Avengers. He's a pretty freakin’ experienced voice actor and pretty freakin' fun to talk with, so plug in and hit play as we talk voiceover with Christopher Corey Smith.   

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Everett Oliver is a leading Hollywood animation director, with shows including The Simpsons, King of the Hill, Men In Black, Jackie Chan Adventures, and more in his wake. In Episode 25, Everett explains his approach to working with voice actors, and his unique abilities to "feel" both the performance and the performers. A highly sought after coach for animation and commercial work, spend time with us as we explore the Wonderful World of Everett!   

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We have company in Episode 003! Voice actress Cindy Robinson joins BT & Randy to talk voiceover. From stage actress to voice actress, she talks about the fortunate misfortunes that brought her from Broadway to L.A. Cindy is best known for characters, voice matching, and video games. She brings a different perspective to our conversation, talks about the need to constantly be working on your craft while taking care of your “instrument”, the value that singing brings to voice acting, and being part of a Hollywood loop group. It’s our third episode of Let’s Talk: Voiceover. Take a listen, won’t you?

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